Attracting Staff Members Back into The Office

ATTRACTING GOOD TALENT is proving to be a real issue for many businesses, with unemployment at a near 50-year low. Plus, one of the major challenges right now is how to actually lure staff back to the office. 

As corporations and economies emerge from the COVID pandemic, workers are demanding a far more flexible arrangement. 

A recent study (by Swinburne University) revealed that 73% of knowledge workers are seeking some form of flexible work arrangement. While 43% claim a lack of flexible options was a “deal breaker” with their employment. 


It would seem many businesses don’t fully realise the positive impact a physical workplace can have on morale.

Clearly, every business has its own unique culture. And employees are now expecting to walk into a workplace, where there is an immediate sense of who the company is … before the interview even begins.

To some extent, this relates to the overall look and feel as you step out of the lift. But it also involves providing a well-presented work environment – together with community facilities and breakout areas (or huddle spaces).

Part of the process involves helping staff deal with any potential stress issues created by the change. And workers are now wanting personalised work areas, rather than the overcrowded hot-desking prevalent before COVID.

Bottom Line: While there may be fewer people in the office for less time … meeting these changing staff needs should mean the overall size of most offices will remain unchanged. 

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