Commercial Property Outlook

THERE HAS BEEN much talk about Commercial Property emerging post-Covid. So, let’s quickly explore just how things are likely to unfold. [Read more…]

The Australian Office Scene

Last Friday, I attended the annual Commercial & Industrial Economic Forecast Luncheon.

And Dr Frank Gelber (director of BIS Shrapnel) kindly provided is perspective on the Australian economy and the Melbourne Commercial property market — looking forward for the next 5 to 6 years.

Probably the most pleasing aspect was … that his views will were pretty much in line with what I’ve been telling you here, for the past six months or so … [Read more…]

Macmillan Magic

15-19 Claremont StreetIt’s not often a property of this quality comes onto the market — offering you a tenant of such a high calibre.

15-19 Claremont Street, South Yarra

Macmillan Publishers Australia have a lease over three floors, which runs until March 2017. And their current Net Rental is $886,341 per annum.

You can go across now to a special website set up with all the details.

It’s certainly worth a look — if only to discover what’s been happening over the past decade, in the forgotten “Forest Hill Precinct” of South Yarra.

Melbourne Offices: Alive and Well

Even though things may be slowing in Queensland and over in the West … the Melbourne CBD Office market seems to be travelling quite well.
[Read more…]