Using Your Self-Managed Super Fund for Investment Without SMSF Borrowing

SINCE THE Superannuation Industry Supervision Act was amended in 2007 to allow superannuation funds to borrow against property, Self-Managed Super Funds have become a popular vehicle for investing in property — in particular, for self-employed borrowers or those in transition to retirement phase.

However, the loan products associated with this type of lending can be onerous and restrictive and this makes this form of lending far from preferable for many borrowers. [Read more…]

5 Ways to Maximise Your Borrowing Capacity

APRA Cracking Down on Commercial Property Investment Loans

Recent Changes to the Lending Environment

Would You Like to be Paid a Bonus to Refinance?


APRA & Commercial Lending


WITH MORTGAGE LENDING at a high, RBA rates at an historical low, and competition within the lending industry extremely hot, a peculiar thing began to occur last month. Interest rates began to increase.

This was most profoundly evident with residential investment loans, with several of the majors increasing rates and reducing LVR limits for these loans. [Read more…]

Buy Commercial Property Without Loan Guarantees


WITH YIELDS ON commercial properties getting tighter, one way of achieving better yields is to pool with other investors to purchase a property that may be out of each individually.

Or in other words, form a property syndicate. [Read more…]

To Fix or Not to Fix Your Commercial Loan Rate?


WITH BOTH SHORT AND LONGER term fixed rates currently at historical lows, discussions around fixing rates for commercial loans has increased markedly.

This article will focus on the major factors that should be taken into account when considering whether or not to fix a loan against a commercial investment property. [Read more…]

Do You Fully Understand Commercial Property Valuations?


WHEN PURCHASING A COMMERCIAL PROPERTY, the valuation is a key element in the financing process and in providing the buyer with comfort in their purchase price.

For the wise investor, it is important to have some understanding of how valuations are conducted.

Doing so will establish confidence that the valuation will not pose an issue with finance and also act as a basic tool, to verify a purchase price or estimate asset value for existing properties. [Read more…]

How to Handle Your Annual Loan Reviews


FOR COMMERCIAL PROPERTY INVESTORS with significant borrowings, one of the biggest headaches that you can encounter when dealing with banks are the annual reviews and short loan terms.

These facilities are costly in accounting expenses, time and money, particularly for sophisticated investors with more complex borrowing structures. [Read more…]

Commercial Property: Get Your Loan Structure Right


WHEN LOOKING AT debt strategies for any business, there are a number of aspects you need to consider. These would include things like … asset protection, interest rates, fees, ongoing service requirements, access to capital, alternative products and so on.

The weighting for each of these factors will depend on the particular transaction. [Read more…]