Commercial Property on Your iPhone?

RATHER than you having to download an App to make these articles easier to read on your iPhone or iPad, you will discover they have been completely reconfigured for you.

If you’re reading this on your iPhone or iPad … simply, click on the link below to Read more, and you can then check out the new format for yourself.

Over the past week or so, I’ve been using this new layout — to save space on your screen, and ‘hide’ things you may not need immediately. Everything is still there — just not cluttering up your screen.

Instead, all you have is the article itself. And if you click on the “Home” icon at the top of the screen, you will immediately be given a quick summary of other recent articles as well.

You can still use the handy navigation bar to find your way to other parts of the website.

Anyway, I would really appreciate your feedback and suggestions any further changes you’d like to say.

Just leave your comments below.

My best wishes …


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