Discover How to Make the Best Choices When Investing in Commercial Property

Prepare for your Commercial Property DecisionsIf you’re looking to purchase a Commercial property to occupy yourself, perhaps you should make it a two-step process — by first renting a property within the location you prefer.

Finding somewhere to lease is relatively easy, as not everyone wants to sell their commercial property.

Most people own Commercial property for investment — which means you would be able to occupy the space, for as long as you keep paying the rent. Plus, you can then discover whether it is the location you want for your business.

Anyway, you may care to check out a few more tips on buying commercial real estate, as you continue reading.

Understand the Borrowing Rules

When buying, remember that commercial real estate loans are structured differently to home loans. Financiers even consider an apartment block to be the same as buying a commercial property; and therefore, not eligible for a residential loan.

So remember … when looking for commercial property, you need to understand the rules for commercial loans before buying.

Do Your Homework

When attempting to get financing for your commercial property purchase, make sure that you not only have all the necessary documents, but that they are als0 up-to-date and accurate.

If you don’t have a solid plan, with all of your ducks in a row … lenders are unlikely to take a risk on you. Do all your homework, and be able to answer all of their questions without hesitation.

Have Enough Equity

Be sure to have money in hand, when considering investing in commercial real estate. You are going to need a deposit and the money to pay for closing costs.

You will also need money to cover any other fees that may be required to finalize the deal. Banks are more willing to lend the money to someone who has a reasonable starting equity.

Your Buying Radius

When looking for the perfect piece of commercial real estate, you should limit your search radius to within about 30 minutes of your place of residence. This allows you to keep tabs on the property and local events that may affect the real estate itself.

A Discount for Bulk

When purchasing commercial real estate, try to look for opportunities 2 allow you to buy bigger. The reason for this is that it does not take too much more work to manage a larger number of strata units, than it does for one or two units.

But it will actually cost you less per unit, if you buy a building containing a number of units.

Bottom Line: You can see that by first renting a commercial real estate space could be the way to go — as it means you don’t have to deal with the loan issues; or run the risk of investing in a property that may prove to be in the wrong location for your business.

By testing out the location first, it allows you to occupy the building as if you owned it — without the ongoing commitment to a loan, as you build up your equity towards your ultimate purchase.


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