Your Handy Economic Clock

Over the years, you have probably seen various economic clocks explaining the different phases, and their relative timing.

Economic Clock

Economic Clock

Anyway, I came across this rather useful one the other day.

As you’ll see, it is actually a “Multi-asset Investment Clock” — in that you have all the sectors displayed together: Shares, Property, Resources and Interest rates.

Furthermore, if you click on it … you’ll see the clock confirms Australia is midway through its Recovery phase.

h3. And the timing for Commercial property?

If you are trying to interpret this Clock … 2013-14 would represent 11am to 12 noon. By then, you would have seen the Office rentals rise significantly — to the point where major new projects will again become profitable for developers.

The ripple effect of this will flow out into the suburbs, as well as into the other Commercial sectors.

Because of our strong economic recovery, plus a restart to the resources boom … you will begin to see a growing shortage of Commercial space, leading to a property boom by 2017.

And on the Investment Clock … that would represent around 2 pm.

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