Trusted Consultants ~ Part 3
Claiming Your Full Tax Benefits

YOU WOULD no doubt be aware of the benefits of “Negative Gearing”. But most investors have a very poor understanding of how much more money Depreciation can actually put back into your pocket.

Apex Property ConsultingEven if the Commercial property you plan to purchase might not be brand-new … you are able to “up value” the various components within the building, to reflect their actual current-day value.

By doing that, you are then in a position re-depreciate them, and gain the maximum tax benefit for your bottom-line.

And what’s really neat is that Depreciation is a non-cash tax deduction.

However, to achieve this benefit, you do need to obtain the right advice. And that’s where Apex Property Consulting come in.

Across Australia, they specialise in providing Certified Tax Schedules — which will allow you to extract the highest possible Tax Benefit from the properties you’ve acquired.

Therefore, you might care to give Nicola Woodward a call on (03) 9603 5201. And once again, make sure you mention my name.

As you’ll appreciate, this is by no means an exhaustive list of the property-related Consultants I use. But they ARE are the key ones.

And more importantly, they are the same consultants I would personally want acting from me.

Choosing consultants is such an important aspect; and you simply must is sure you have the best people, as part of your team.

However, if you find you do need help with any other consultants, feel free to give me a call.

Happy investing …




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