Medical Centres – Depreciation Case Study 

THESE PAST FEW years have been challenging for the healthcare industry and medical centres in particular.

Issues with staffing, COVID-19, and larger than normal patient numbers have resulted in rapid growth within the industry.

In 2021 over 1.8 million people were employed in the health care and social assistance industry, which is projected to increase to more than 2 million by 2025.  [Read more…]

Trusted Consultants ~ Part 3
Claiming Your Full Tax Benefits

YOU WOULD no doubt be aware of the benefits of “Negative Gearing”. But most investors have a very poor understanding of how much more money Depreciation can actually put back into your pocket.

Apex Property ConsultingEven if the Commercial property you plan to purchase might not be brand-new … you are able to “up value” the various components within the building, to reflect their actual current-day value.

By doing that, you are then in a position re-depreciate them, and gain the maximum tax benefit for your bottom-line. [Read more…]

Is Saving Back in Fashion?

Presumably as a result of the recent global turmoil, Australia’s savings rate jumped to 4% of income during last year. And that is a major change from three years ago — when spending outpaced our income growth.



As we emerged from the financial scare, our savings rate peaked at 6.3% in mid-2009; and was running at around 2.3% by year’s end. Nonetheless … still well above what you saw during the past 10 years.

Recently, the RBA estimated that household wealth grew by just over 11% last year to reach around $610,000 on average. And our real disposable income grew by a respectable 3.5% as well.

Both of these are on par with the boom-time highs of 2007.

h3. For Commercial Investors …

Many consumers seem to have ignored the RB A’s recent rate rises.

Although, with overall household debt and still very high levels … you are likely to see spending ease, and this will then start to affect specialty retailers — like fashion, footwear and accessories.

However, most food outlets (such as grocers, cafes and restaurants) should continue to enjoy strong demand … driven by the nation’s love affair with TV shows like MasterChef.

It seems cooking and eating out are relatively low-cost pleasures everyone can enjoy — even when times are tough.

It really was ‘touch and go’ for a while …

Apparently, some of you had somehow heard on the grapevine that I was unexpectedly rushed to Western Hospital (Footscray) on Father’s Day.

And then spent last week in Intensive Care.

However, I would just like to sincerely thank all of you who sent through e-mails and phone messages of support my family — during what was a rather scary episode.

Anyway, I’m now “back in the land of the living” … PTL, and thanks to the crack medical team at Western Hospital.

Right now, I’m taking it quietly; but hope to be back in full gear by next week.

All the Best for Christmas

As with he past few years, we are making a donation to both The Smith Family and the Melbourne City Mission … rather than fell some more trees, and spend the money on postage.

p=. Nativity at Christmas

p=. However, I do hope you have a wonderful Christmas … and that, together, we can make 2008 an even better year.

And my warm wishes to you and all of your family.

p=. Fondest regards … Chris

How will the US Economy Affect Australia?

There has been much written over the past few weeks about the likely fallout from what’s been occurring in the United States. And some economists even feel it might be on the brink of recession.

The week, their Federal Reserve sought to address the immediate affects of the housing slump and the sub-prime crisis — by reducing US interest rates by 50 basis points.
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Would you Treasure a piece of Ashes’ History?

If you’re a bit of a cricketing fanatic like me … you would have been delighted with the recent 5-Nil result.

And you’ve probably noticed how _Baggygreen_ or _Ninemsn’s Sportshop_ are promoting loads of memorabilia, every time you watch the cricket. Much of it is very commercial, and often related to the three retiring members of the Test team.

However, I’ve just come across something a “little different and rather unique”:
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