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Deductions to Get Your Motor Running


COMMERCIAL PROPERTY owners often require vehicles for use in the day-to-day operation of their business. And like other assets contained within a commercial property, vehicles can be depreciated and claimed as a deductible expense.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) lists most deductions available for motor vehicles under Table B of the 2014/4 Tax Ruling. [Read more…]

Now It’s Priced to Sell


LATE LAST YEAR, Tenders were called for this Hardware Lane property — which closed just before Christmas.

Over the holiday break, negotiations progressed with two parties … without actually concluding a deal.

However, in the process, the Vendor has significantly reduce the price at which he is now prepared to sell. [Read more…]

Do You Fully Understand Commercial Property Valuations?


WHEN PURCHASING A COMMERCIAL PROPERTY, the valuation is a key element in the financing process and in providing the buyer with comfort in their purchase price.

For the wise investor, it is important to have some understanding of how valuations are conducted.

Doing so will establish confidence that the valuation will not pose an issue with finance and also act as a basic tool, to verify a purchase price or estimate asset value for existing properties. [Read more…]

What’s Happening With Offices Around Australia?


AS A COMMERCIAL PROPERTY investor it’s important for you to keep tabs all the separate markets around Australia.

To help with that, a recent market update by Credit Suisse places in Sydney and Melbourne CBD Offices as the best performers over the next three years.

However, Brisbane and Perth are expected to deteriorate further from where they are at present. [Read more…]