The 9 Benefits You Can Gain …
From Investing in Commercial Property

There are numerous Benefits of owning Commercial property
One of the main attractions of investing in Commercial Property is its security.

Unlike residential property … Commercial Property is generally still there performing for you, if the economy does slow down.

However, when the economy is strong, Commercial Property grows in value and provides you with a steady income.

Anyway, for those of you starting out … here’s a list of the benefits you’ll enjoy from successful Commercial property investing.

Benefit #1: Strong Returns

Commercial Property provides strong and reliable returns in the form of both income and capital growth. Your aim ought not be looking to make a quick gain. But over time, you should achieve a solid return consistently above inflation.

Benefit #2: Stability of Income

An important point to make about Commercial property is that … not only are the returns higher, they are usually more secure. Unlike the short-term leases for residential property, Commercial Property leases will generally range from 3 to 10 years.

Benefit #3: Lower Risk

Taken overall, Commercial property investment tends to carry less risk than residential property or the stock market.

Benefit #4: Exposure to Different Sectors of the Economy

Retail and industrial properties probably have the highest direct relationship to the economy, with retail property dependent on consumer spending trends. Whereas, office buildings tend to perform based upon long-term supply and demand.

Benefit #5: Tax Benefits

You will also find Commercial Property provides you with generous tax benefits. Depreciation allowances on plant equipment are quite significant (on things like … air conditioning, carpets, lighting and so on). But that’s just part of the benefit — as most Commercial properties also attract handy building allowances is well.

Benefit #6: Hedging against Inflation

Historically, Commercial property has been viewed as a good hedge against inflation. Commercial Property certainly has an excellent record for outpacing inflation over a long period of time.

Benefit #7: Investment Control

As an owner of direct property, you have a significant degree of control over your investment. Areas such as: renovations, upgrading, a change of use for the property, the terms of the lease, the type of tenant, redevelopment and disposal.

Benefit #8: Ability to Add Value

Ways for you to add value to a Commercial Property would include: renovating, upgrading, subdividing or enlarging, improving the appearance and restructuring the lease.

Benefit #9: Leverage

Through astute borrowing against your Commercial property investments over time, you are in a position to quickly control a sizeable portfolio of properties.


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