Are Offices “The Go”?

Just take a look around your capital city CBD. And tell me, how many cranes to currently see on the skyline?

Sydney Skyline

Sydney Skyline

In most cities, you could count them on one hand — as there is minimal speculative development occurring right now.

We know businesses are expanding, because the RBA has talked about capacity constraints at its last two meetings. And so rents will soon begin a dramatic 5-year rise, as Office vacancies fall around Australia.

For serious Investors … now is the time to acquire Commercial property!

By 2014, you will see developers re-enter the market in earnest — when increased rentals will once again justify new construction. And you can expect CBD Office markets to peak in about 2018.

Generally, suburban Officers tend to follow suit. Therefore, plan your investment strategy wisely — to ensure you exit sometime in 2017.

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