“Capture Your Firm’s Full Value”

Last week, we talked about what you could be missing out on … when you find the need to move.

Whenever you decide to relocate to new Headquarters, what are the key things you are seeking to achieve?

# New premises that perfectly meet your needs — as to design and location;
# A secure lease, with built-in flexibility down the track;
# Rental your business can comfortably afford; and
# A fit-out to suit your team’s requirements.

Distribution CentreWhen you stop to think about it … whether it is an Office or a Distribution Centre, the only way to make sure you get everything you want is … you need to “create the finished product” yourself.

But notice, I didn’t say Build and continue to Own it.

However, you (more than anyone else) know exactly …

  • Where you want your new Headquarters located, and what they’ll look like;
  • The ideal lease term, with appropriate option periods;
  • The level of rent for your business can comfortably sustain; and
  • Just how you need your internal layout, to suit your team.

With the proper guidance, you can quickly and easily …

Identify an appropriate piece of land … Obtain a building permit … Enter into a construction contract … Commit to a lease and rental that works for you … and SELL the complete package to an Investor — all before construction actually starts.

h3. What are The Benefits You Gain?

# You end up with the ideal Headquarters, on terms you can live with; plus
# You get to keep the developer’s profit, for putting the deal together.

And that profit is generally somewhere between 20% to 30% of the overall cost.

Therefore, if the end-sale of the completed package were to be around (say) $4 million … then your actual profit from making the move could be somewhere between $700,000 and $900,000.

All you need to do is secure the Land and Building permit … with the help of an expert team of consultants, which I’m using with clients on a regular basis.

And in doing so, capture the full value of what your firm brings to the table — whenever you need to relocate.

BOTTOM LINE: The developer’s profit goes into your pocket. And you then occupy the ideal new Headquarters, with built-in flexibility for the future.

If this might be an opportunity you would like to explore in more detail … just give me a quick call on 0425 791 254.

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