“Doing Nothing Will Cost You!”

Whenever Investors are confused … the Property Market tends to do nothing and simply moves sideways.

Confusion Reigns

Confusion Reigns

You observed that when the GFC first struck.

People simply put their buying decisions ‘on hold’. And then, frantically played catch-up over the last 12 months … as soon as they realised things were still okay here in Australia.

Over that period, you have seen most Commercial markets around the country showing good growth — particularly in Melbourne.

However, the non-result in last Saturday’s Election will again cause people to freeze up — because uncertainty generally leads to in-action. And this mood could well continue for the remainder of 2010.

h3. What’s currently on offer?

A number of properties already available (and yet to come onto the market) are actually first-class investments. But unfortunately, they may just languish there — purely because investors choose to “sit on their hands”.

There is nothing actually this wrong with these properties. The problem is simply with buyers who lack the insight (and confidence) in the underlying strength of the current market.

h2. Therein lies your Strategic Opportunity!

You probably have a 3 to 4 month “window of opportunity” to snare a real bargain (or two), in the lead up to Christmas.

Therefore, don’t miss your chance in doing so. And let me know if you need help.

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