Building Your Team of
Trusted Expert Consultants

Building your Consulting TeamAS YOU know, Property Edge Australia is there to help you in identifying and negotiating the actual purchase of your next Commercial property.

However, you still require certain other key consultants, in order to make every deal really work for you.

And those consultants need to be thoroughly trustworthy.

As you can appreciate, I have had the opportunity to work with a quite number of consultants, over the past 40 years. And I’ve quietly put together a close team of those ones, who have really gone out of their way to look after my Clients’ best interests.

Over the next week or so, I will reveal to you who these Consultants actually are — in the vital areas of:

  • Covering the Legal Issues;
  • Financing the Deal; and
  • Claiming your Full Tax Benefits.

Anyway, let’s make a start on the first one today.

Covering the Legal Issues

Generally, most lawyers can handle the conveyancing aspects. And so long as there are no complications, this is a fairly straightforward exercise.

But if a problem does arise, you certainly want to know that your lawyer is up to the task.

Even so, there is still a whole lot more involved on the Legal side — well before you get around to the actual Contract of Sale.

For example: If you unwittingly adopt the wrong “purchase vehicle” …
that could have enormous Tax and Capital Gains Tax implications.

Therefore, it is so important for you to ensure the complete legal picture has been addressed.

HWL Ebsworth are Trusted Legal ConsultantsThis is where I’ve found HWL Ebsworth to be invaluable with their strategic input and advice upfront.

Plus, they are experts at obtaining amendments to the Contract of Sale that will safeguard your interests all the way through.

HWL Ebsworth has offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. But your first point of contact should be Frank Xenos on (03) 8644 3527.

When it comes to Finance

You need someone who is prepared to go the extra mile for you – someone who is a problem solver when the need arises.

Most of my clients (Australia-wide) tend to use Perry Finance. Mainly because of their high level of personal service.

Anyway, give Cameron Perry a call (on his mobile 0401 161 769) to explain what it is you’re looking to achieve.

And do make sure you mention my name when you call both of them.


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