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Divorce and Your DIY Fund


MANY MARRIAGES END in divorce and the many members of Australia’s self managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) are not immune to this heartache.

As there are more than 1 million SMSF members nationwide, it should come as no surprise that the assets of an SMSF are often the next big ticket item after the marital home in any family law settlement.

Good outcomes can be generated for both parties with a little communication and compromise.

Let’s work through a case study using a Commercial property held within an SMSF and tenanted by the associated business of one of the SMSF beneficiaries. [Read more…]

7 Ways to Add Value, Fast

Upgrading your property
COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES are mainly seen as a longer-term (at least 3-year) investment. And you tend to buy them for their regular, high yields; as well as for some good capital growth over time.

Even so, an investor with a little knowledge and experience can easily find properties able to be “upgraded” and then, on-sold for a quick gain.

Typically, this would involve you in improving the income stream from your property; and perhaps the security of that income. Both of which would result in a boost to the property’s overall appeal AND value.

Your Options for a Fast Turnaround [Read more…]

8 Key Steps in Acquiring Commercial Property


FOR SOME INVESTORS, the question is: “Where do I start?” And that’s a reasonable question — when buying Commercial property is not your mainstream activity.

So, let’s quickly dissect the process … [Read more…]

Commercial Leases: Goodbye to Claw-back Provisions?


LANDLORDS WHO PROVIDE lease incentives to tenants (including fitout contributions, rent free periods and rent abatement periods) often attempt to secure themselves by requiring tenants to repay the incentives.

They usually request this in the event the lease is terminated due to the tenant’s default. [Read more…]