A Growing Economy is Good For Commercial Property


HAVE YOU NOTICED how people are generally now acting in a far more positive manner. And that’s simply because they are starting to feel “wealthy” again.

But You Need to Look Deeper

Improved-EconomyWith share and property prices rising, consumer confidence has finally returned — which was confirmed by the improved retail sales during December and January.

Plus, you saw GDP exceed expectations — by rising 2.8% for the December quarter.

This increased spending is also being supported by high household savings.

And this has shown now up in spending for entertainment and eating out — which historically, has been recognised as a clear indication of renewed confidence.

New housing approvals have improved by 35% over the past 12 months. And once complete, these homes will also need to be fully furnished — which is great news for all the Homemaker Centres.

Furthermore, Coles will be investing more than $1 billion to construct 70 new supermarkets, over the next three years.

In its May Budget, the Government intends to curb wasteful recurrent expenditure inherited from Labor. While it also plans to embark upon significant infrastructure projects — to start boosting employment around the country.

A Surge in Exports

Current-AccountFor the first time in most people’s memory, Australia will be enjoying a positive Balance of Trade.

In other words, for the next decade or so, you should be seeing our exports exceeding imports. And this will further help in reducing Australia’s overall debt.

Even though the boom in mining expenditure may have come to an end, the resultant export of raw materials will now continue for years to come.

Furthermore, our exports in education, tourism and business services will all grow dramatically — as the global economy improves.

Bottom Line: All of those workers who contribute to this surge in exports will all need to be housed somewhere. And that will open up opportunities for new suburban Office and Warehouse facilities around Australia — over the next 3 to 5 years.

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