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Bringing you Commercial Property in far Greater Depth.

NOTHING BEATS hearing it straight from an Expert in their field. Whether it is Legal matters, Finance, Due Diligence, Tax Depreciation, Valuation issues or about the Commercial property market … who better than those handling these specific areas day in, and died out?

And that’s why I’ve brought together an Expert Panel … to provide you with regular, in-depth articles on each of these aspects.

Meet all the New Contributors

Quite apart from my regular weekly articles on the Commercial property market itself … you will also receive vital opinions from the following team of experts.

To help you appreciate the depth of their experience, I’ve included here a brief Bio for each of them.

Frank Xenos

Partner with HWL Ebsworth

Frank has more than 13 years experience in providing Legal advice on all aspects of commercial and industrial property — to both large and small investors alike. That advice includes … sales & acquisitions, developments, subdivisions and due diligence. And he also covers retail, commercial and industrial leasing (including landlord/tenant disputes).

Cameron Perry

Director of Perry Finance

After working for a number of years in economic analysis, Cameron started Perry Finance with his brother Alistair in late 2004. Since then, the company as grown to be one of the most respected finance companies in Melbourne. And covers every aspect of commercial property finance forerunner occupiers and investors.

Matthew Pearce

Director of Nash Construction Management?

In his time with Nash Management, Matt has worked on a wide variety of construction projects across all areas of Commercial construction — from office buildings, through to shopping centres; as well as serving the due diligence needs of investors. And so, Matt possesses a well-rounded practical knowledge of engineering & project management skills — obtained through a variety of roles within the construction industry.

Bradley Beer

Managing Director of BMT Tax Depreciation

Having more than 15 years experience in property depreciation and the building industry with BMT, Brad has substantial knowledge and specialist experience in property tax depreciation and construction cost consulting. As such, he is a regular keynote speaker for property depreciation services on television, radio, at conferences and exhibitions Australia Wide.

David Morton

Director of Charter Keck Cramer

has over 14 years experience as a Valuer with the firm. And for the past eight years he has specialised in commercial and industrial property valuations. In addition to providing general property consultancy and valuation advice, David has also provides specific project research, for a variety of clients; and often appears as an expert witness in court proceedings.

The Panel will grow over time

As you can appreciate, this is merely the beginning.

Right now, I’m looking to add further guest contributors in a variety of other areas — all of them important for successful Commercial property investing.

In fact, you could well be a potential Contributor yourself. Or perhaps, you know someone who may fit the role.

Anyway, you can quickly find out what’s involved.

Bottom Line: Tomorrow, you will be hearing from Frank Xenos about your legal rights as a landlord with you all private property — and how to ensure you are fully protected. But before you go, just have a look at the Website’s new Homepage.

Best wishes …

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