Trusted Consultants ~ Part 2:
Financing the Deal

LAST WEEK, I promised to reveal those key Consultants to whom I’d be prepared to entrust my own property deals. So, let’s progress a little further with that.

Perry Finance are problem solversNo doubt you will have experienced your share of problems, when it comes to arranging the finance for a recent purchase you may have finalised.

As you’re probably aware, most vendors are unwilling to enter into a contract in the current market, containing a “subject to finance” clause. Because it would simply tie up their Commercial property, without any certainty of a sale.

Your best solution is to at least have an indicative approval for your Finance, before you commit to any purchase contract.

From your perspective (as a Purchaser), most finance brokers will make you “jump through hoops” — by requesting from you all manner of background information. And therefore, you tend to defer approaching them until AFTER you have made your purchase.

Or worse still, you simply go-in-hand to your regular bank. Either way, you are unlikely to secure the best deal for your loan.

The team at Perry Finance can help you step around these various problems — giving you peace of mind, even before you commit to buy your chosen property.

You’ll find their team very personable; and more than prepared to go the extra mile on your behalf — anywhere within Australia.

The best person to speak with is Cameron Perry on (03) 9662 1991. And make sure you let him know I told you to give him a call.


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