The 7 Key Strategies to Help You Negotiate

EVERYONE NEGOTIATES … and generally, for most of the time!

You see, whether it’s at work or at home, we are all trying to persuade someone to adopt our point of view.

And therefore, I have put together what I’ve found to be the top Negotiating strategies over the past 40 years.

This list is designed to provide you with a roadmap, as you structure and proceed with any future negotiations you may have. And so, here is an outline of what I came up with …

  1. Setting Your Boundaries
  2. Reference to a Higher Authority
  3. Reaching the Limits
  4. How to Make Concessions
  5. Using Silence Strategically
  6. Negotiating is a Process, NOT an Event
  7. “No” is Rarely a Refusal

Rather than take up a lot of space in this article, I thought the best way to for you obtain these Key Strategies would be to download this Review – and keep it on your own computer.

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