The Pendulum Has Swung

WHAT AN AMAZING election result … although, I had always felt it would be a lot closer than everyone thought. Now many people are now asking how the pollsters could have got it so wrong?

In actual fact, they weren’t that far out. Rather, it was more a heavy bias in media coverage which fanned the Labor fever.

So, How DID the Coalition Manage to Win?

This week, there has been much analytical dissection of the issues leading up to the “surprise” win.

However, there was ONE fundamental underlying reason – which is explained in a fascinating book I read about 5 years ago, called Pendulum.

It explored the re-occurring 40-year Cycles of change throughout Western society – which dictate the overall mood and communication style people prefer.

To help you better understand this, I managed to find a short video clip to provide you a quick overview.

And if you don’t want to read the entire book, just click on the image over on the right to download the brief Report I prepared for clients.

At the moment, you are in a WE Cycle – which began in 2003.

And at the height of the previous ME Cycle (which peaked the mid-1980s), you saw the excesses of business gurus like Elliott, Skase and Holmes a Court. All very much ego-driven, arrogant individuals – some even considered to be bullies.

Whereas in the current WE Cycle, you find disparate groups of people banding together against a “common enemy”. That’s why films like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings have proven so popular.

People are now responding to authenticity, instead of arrogance and insincere puffery.

Back to the Election Campaign

One of my son’s closest friends went through university with Bill Shorten. About 6 months ago … Bill Shorten told him what would happen, as soon as he got into The Lodge.

Apparently, the plan was to invite the journalists in to help him drink every bottle of Penfolds Grange from the Wine cellar.

At the time, I was amazed at the arrogance. It was like Bill Shorten was already starting to pick the colour of the new curtains.

The Arrogance continues …

A key part of Labor’s campaign was the attack on Franking Credits. However, Geoff Wilson quickly mounted a strong defence on behalf of his 80,000 self-funded investors. And then thousands of other retirees around Australia rallied to the call.

After several weeks of attempted justification, Shorten and his Shadow Treasurer simply retorted: “If you don’t like it – don’t vote for us!”

Once again, a display of sheer arrogance. Here was Bill Shorten trying to instigate a class war.

However, what they didn’t realise was that from those 80,000 investors … 47% of their children and grandchildren had also Indicated they would be voting against the Retirement Tax – seeing it as a threat to their inheritance.

Shorten Failed to Reach Out

During the voting coverage on election night, a young female journalist for Channel 10 was asked to compare her experience with Morrison and Shorten, during the election campaign.

She said during the first half (spent with Morrison) he would attend 6 to 8 meet-ups with people in factories, pubs and strip shopping centres every day. And he also provided unfettered access to her and the other journalists travelling with him.

By comparison, Shorten attended only 3 or 4 tightly-scripted appearances and was quite guarded in his communication with journalists.

At the very end, Shorten was seen (in a suit) drinking beers with Daniel Andrews on the Friday before polling day. And announcing he was expecting to be voted in with a clear majority.

Whereas, Morrison travelled to Tasmania on that Friday – to be there to campaign with sleeves rolled up, right until the very last moment on polling day.

Bottom Line: The voters saw Morrison as … Real, Raw and Relevant – and keen to champion the cause of the so-called “Quiet Australians”. And it looks as though they will reward him with a comfortable marjority.


  1. Raymond Choi says

    Hi Chris, Thanks for an excellent article and I do agree with your analysis on how Labor Party lost so badly on last Saturday. Bill Shorten always came across to me as an arrogant and cunning politician who is in for himself. I do believe “what goes around, comes around”. There must be a reason for the complete failure of his bid for the top job in the country. I hope the Labor Party had now realised that they had the wrong leader in the past 5.5 years. It really made my day (in fact next 3 years) when I watched his concession speech!!! Good bye Shorten.

  2. Nicely written Chris, I think you hit it on the head with the difference between Morrison and Shorten.

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