Trusted Consultants ~ Part 4
Validating Your Purchase

MY ADVICE to clients is to always accept whatever the vendor is telling you about his or her property, as being “true”.

Then simply “reserve your right” within the Contract, to validate all the wonderful things you’ve been told about the Commercial property you’re about to purchase.

You see, most vendors believe their property to be perfect. And will therefore raise little objection to the final contract giving you a Due Diligence period … to confirm the overall status of the property.

Your Legal team will attend to all the contractual aspects. But you also need a Construction expert to inspect and report on the building itself.

And the MPPM Group are generally ideal for undertaking a very thorough inspection of any buildings (both large & small) that you intend to purchase.

The Group’s principal activity is Project Management.

That means they have access to a wide range of consultants, who would be appropriate for whatever type of property you’re looking at.

Across Australia

No job is too large, nor too small. Furthermore, MPPM can also co-ordinate these inspections in Brisbane, Sydney and Perth.

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