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“Capture Your Firm’s Full Value”

Last week, we talked about what you could be missing out on … when you find the need to move.

Whenever you decide to relocate to new Headquarters, what are the key things you are seeking to achieve? [Read more…]

Mega Truck-Stop Facility

This Track-Stop is simply enormous — probably the world’s largest! And being located at Tarcutta, it is midway between Melbourne and Sydney.
Aerial View of the Development Site

You may have seen the launch of the marketing campaign on Wednesday, in the national newspapers? And the response has been quite extraordinary.

But you can go straight to a dedicated website, and find out everything about this massive Development Site.

  • Location Maps
  • Development Application plans
  • 3-D Perspectives
  • Rider Levett Bucknall costings
  • Letters of Government support
  • Contract of Sale documents

Have a read through all of this material; and then call me if you’d like to talk further, about how to progress things from here.

Never Underestimate …
“The Value of Your Firm”

On several occasions over the past fortnight … I have had to give this very same advice. And so, I thought it might be worthwhile exploring this in some detail with you.

What we’re actually referring to are the times when you need to relocate your Firm’s headquarters. And in the process, unwittingly forego considerable benefits that are rightly yours.
[Read more…]