How to Capture a Prospect’s Attention and Compel Them to Take Action

AS YOU ARE probably aware, the basic tools for marketing your property are the Advertisement, the Brochure and the Board.

However, do you realise these need to be treated as merely the gateway to your property’s webpage or the Information Memorandum? Their sole purpose is to capture the attention of your prospects and then compel them to seek further information.

You see, any form of Marketing is actually a 3-step process.

And in this sequence, your Advertisement, Brochure and Board represent the first 50 words.

Your Headline is absolutely crucial

And that stands true … whether it’s for the advertisement, the brochure or the board.

You see, it is actually the Ad … for the Ad.

In fact, rated by importance: The headline represents 80% of your advertisement, brochure or board.

Many selling agents simply rush off a cute headline – which is generally composed of a clever play on words. Or worse still, some even leave this to their advertising agency – who they ask to prepare the entire advertisement and brochure for them.

Sometimes, I’ll come up with as many as 15 to 20 different headlines – before I finally settling upon which one to run with. 

And I will generally do that AFTER I have written the body copy for the advertisement or the brochure.

Why go to all that effort?

SImply because … your Headline needs to capture the single most important benefit that your property has to offer – so as to compel prospective buyers to embark upon the next 2 steps – being to visit the webpage … and request the IM. 

Also, it’s a mistake to try to make the body-copy for this first point of contact tell the entire story about the property – as most agents seem to want to do.

Instead, it merely needs to expand upon the Headline’s key promise … and reinforce the prospect’s decision to take the next step – of seeking more information.

Bottom Line: If you don’t capture their attention at this 1st point of contact – then, you have clearly missed your opportunity of progressing things any further with that prospect.

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