With Commercial Property Managers … What Should You Expect?


OF COURSE, everyone’s expectations will differ as to how your property should be managed. But over the years, my clients have provided a few clues. And these have been rather helpful in creating a simple checklist.

Good Property Management is the Key to Your SuccessAnd so once you’ve finally acquired a suitable Commercial property, any ongoing Management will need to make sure that …

  • Your property remains leased to good tenants.
  • Those tenants pay their rentals by the due date.
  • Your managers will act as if the property were theirs.
  • Your tenants will be treated as your “business partners”.
  • That maintenance will be fully detailed and carried out cost-effectively – but always with quality workmanship.
  • And all maintenance is undertaken by reliable tradespeople.
  • You are notified well before each tenancy becomes vacant.
  • Every possible step is taken to keep that tenant or re-let the property.
  • Your rentals are reviewed at appropriate intervals, to reflect fair market rent.
  • Timely payment of any outgoings occurs on your behalf.
  • Your monthly statement and rental payments are sent to you promptly.
  • Your property is regularly inspected.
  • All Essential Services requirements are met.
  • You are alerted to any Regulation changes affecting the property.
  • You receive accurate advice on any insurance requirements.
  • All opportunities to “add value” are maximised.
  • Your property is kept competitive in the marketplace.

Obviously, this is not intended as an exhaustive list, but merely a basic guide.

However, if you already have one or more Property Managers, you may wonder how to gauge whether your interests are actually being properly served.

CLICK HERE to access your copyWhat may help you are 17 Probing Questions, which I’ve put together for you to “quiz” your current (or potential) Property Managers.

That way, you can quickly tell whether or not they’re actually top performers. But more importantly, do they truly have your interests at heart.

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