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Contaminated Land: Is it Buyer Beware?


ALL AUSTRALIAN STATES AND TERRITORIES have (somewhat varied) legislation dealing with land contamination. There are some important concepts applicable to every state and territory.

Many actions may be contrary to environmental protection laws, but sites classified as contaminated have to meet specific criteria.

This means that mere pollution does not necessarily equate to land contamination. [Read more…]

ATO Agrees Estimates Are Acceptable


FROM TIME TO TIME, the Tax Office will provide Rulings on various aspects — designed to assist practitioners and their clients, and generally simplify proceedings. [Read more…]

What Can You Do When Your Tenant Leaves?



THE FIRST THING you need to do is come up with some creative ways to address this … AND still maintain your sanity, at the same time.

But no matter what your approach may be, there are several things you always need to do. [Read more…]

To Fix or Not to Fix Your Commercial Loan Rate?


WITH BOTH SHORT AND LONGER term fixed rates currently at historical lows, discussions around fixing rates for commercial loans has increased markedly.

This article will focus on the major factors that should be taken into account when considering whether or not to fix a loan against a commercial investment property. [Read more…]

Tax Deductions for Medicos

JUST WHAT the Doctor ordered — a healthy deduction!

Did you know that Doctors can save thousands of dollars each year by claiming property depreciation? Let’s provide a quick recap on things.

What is depreciation?

As a building gets older and items within it wear out, they consequently depreciate in value. [Read more…]