At last, Something Nifty for Commercial Property Investors


FOR THE PAST month or so, I’ve been working behind the scenes to produce this free App … the Hi-Return Filter. And it was released only last week.

You see over the years, I have noticed how even seasoned investors can sometimes make subjective judgements, about the potential of certain properties.

What this App does is take your 8 Investment Objectives and neatly combine them with your 12 Buying Criteria. And then, create an inter-active matrix … which allows you to objectively shortlist your potential properties.

As you can appreciate, it is all too easy to waste time with unnecessary in-depth analysis. When in fact, that property should never have made it onto your shortlist in the first place.

As I mentioned before, this App is FREE.

Plus, it also provides you with a couple of short videos to help explain:

  • The background as to why it works; and
  • How you can quickly put it to use.

Hopefully, you will find everything rather intuitive.

You’ll now be able to quickly pull out your iPhone or iPad — and quickly carry out an assessment, right there — while you are still at the property.

Anyway, you can go ahead and download it now. And I would really appreciate your feedback, together with any suggestions you may have for enhancements.

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