Commercial Property: 5 Key Decisions To Help Guarantee Your Investment Success

 You need to make certain Decisions to Succeed with Commercial property
Investing in Commercial property is not “rocket science”.

Nonetheless, there are certain key steps you do need to follow. And those involve you in making a number of simple (yet vital) decisions.

DECISION #1: Your Goals for the long and short term?
In other words, are you seeking Income on Capital growth — or both? Maybe you are after some good Tax savings — through negative gearing or Depreciation?

DECISION #2: The Sleep Test!
You need to establish your comfort level as far as the amount you will borrow. For some people 80% is fine; for others, 50% is all they can live with. So you need to determine your “Threshold of Insomnia”.

DECISION #3: Your overall Portfolio mix.
Do you intend to focus on just one sector in the Commercial Property Market — like Retail? Or do you prefer a spread across the Office and Industrial sectors as well? Having some diversity will help you smooth out any ups and downs that may occur along the way.

DECISION #4 Go it Alone … or join with others.
Not many people starting out are able to jump straight into the market, and buy a Commercial property for $1 million+. Therefore, you can step above the competition by joining with another 12 to 15 like-minded investors, in a Private Syndicate — to buy something in the $2 to $5 million range — where you obtain better value for your money.

DECISION #5: Choosing your team of Consultants.
As you’ll appreciate, simply being able to move quickly can snare you some of the best deals. Therefore, you need to have a trusted team of Consultants ready to help you with … assessing Value; putting the Deal together; reviewing the Contracts; arranging Finance; undertaking the Due Diligence and so on.

Bottom Line: All you need to do is quickly grasp the various ins and outs of Commercial Property — so that you, too, can start reaping the enormous rewards available.


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